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Diversify your wealth with something “real”!

Owning real precious metals is a great way to “pad” your investment portfolio. Most investments, retirement plans and pensions are based on trusting that the economy and banking systems of our society will hold firm and provide well for us when we need our wealth to give back for us. These plans are the best way to plan for your future.
During times of significant economic downturn, the first and most predominant loss of one’s wealth revolves around losing within investments and all other electronically tracked financial records. Having something “real” is one of the only real ways to assure value during turbulent times.
Currency in paper form holds far less “real” value than that of copper metal contained within a penny. Electronic records and banking statements hold even less value than paper. In fact, zero value. Paper notes and electronic records in their true form are merely symbols of value or tracked notations of other forms of “real” value.
The intent of this message is not to convince anyone to cash out a pension or retirement plan to go “all-in” on silver and gold but rather to help to understand and appreciate the concept of having “real-value” and the benefits of diversifying one’s wealth. Owning some amount of precious metals is one of the best ways to add a little insurance, hedge your wealth, and even avoid some inflation impacts longer term. Owning real precious metals is a great way to own real-value.