Fire Proof Silver

Announcing the Fire Service Commemorative Coin

Firefighters and members of the military may already be familiar with “Challenge Coins”. These are theme based coins generally made of inexpensive metals such as brass, aluminum or iron that are cultural icons to proud services and professions. We wanted to honor the fire service with a traditional and high quality coin that actually holds “real” value. With that, we are proud to announce that we have designed and produced the Fire Service Commemorative Proof Coin. This is a pure silver (Investment grade .999 pure U.S. silver bullion) commemorative proof grade coin. The coin comes in a clear airtight protective capsule and custom display box. The set comes with a mint issued certificate of authenticity.

On the obverse (Front-side) of the 1 oz Proof Fire Service Commemorative is a 3D imprint  of the iconic fire axe, hook and ladder in the background. Mostly notable in the forefront is the traditional fire helmet ( this is actually modeled off my own traditional helmet ) that is raised above the high quality image. There is a subtle “tip of the helmet” notation that can be observed on the left and right sides. On the left reads the date “9/11/01” paying tribute to the tragic events of September 11 th 2001. On the right reads simply “343” to pay silent
respect to the 343 firefighters that gave their lives in the line of duty that tragic day. 

On the reverse the top section reads “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” while the American flag is proudly centered and waiving in the wind. The classic coinage phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” is bold and just under the flag. The edge of each round has the classic “grooved-coin” texture. The proof piece comes in a classic black velour hard case. The inside of the case has a customized Maltese Cross, the most famous of all Fire Service symbols. Within the cross, the words Duty, Service, Honor, and Pride read as common creeds of the respected industry.